The dual career of an athlete

If you want to succeed at the highest level in sport, you need to follow an intensive training programme and to participate in national and international competitions, which is sometimes difficult to combine with the challenges and stress of the educational system and the labour market.

In order to avoid situations in which the talented or elite athletes are forced to make a choice between studies and sports, or sports and work, the athletes need to show a lot of motivation, commitment, determination and a great sense of responsibility, but it is also important that specific actions should be taken.


“Dual career is developing a partnership to provide an opportunity for individuals

to reach their sporting, academic, work and life potential”

Guy Taylor, National Director of TASS

The chart below illustrates that promoting a dual career is not only a matter of combining studies and sports, but that athletes are also required to take important decisions at key moments during their sports career. Hence it is important to advise the athletes and parents regarding the planning of their career.

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